Microsoft’s Windows 10 S is now a viable operating system PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Monday, 04 December 2017 03:12
windows 10 sMicrosoft’s Windows S which debuted with the Surface Laptop has been the subject of some debate for its short existence. To briefly recap, Windows 10 S is a variant of Windows 10 S which has been streamlined and optimized for security and speed, the trade-off being a few limitations of varying importance. Microsoft won’t let you install software from anywhere but the Microsoft Store, and hides the registry editor and command line tools so you can’t really dive deep into your PC. Yet, despite all those limitations, a case could be made that Windows 10 S could evolve into something that goes beyond functional, but is actually desirable to use. To begin with the negatives first, Windows 10 S is still nearly mythical. This isn’t saying anything good or bad about the OS, just that it barely seems to exist at the moment. Microsoft shipped the OS with the Surface Laptop for the first time — though it was with an easy upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. Microsoft also announced a number of devices, yet more devices featuring Windows 10 S have yet to come out...
I would expect by now, a Windows 10 S version of the Acer Swift 3, a popular and powerful mid-range PC for the price. Or perhaps a Windows 10 S powered HP Stream 14, a cute little laptop with a streamlined OS for students at University, College and secondary school levels who only need to type up word documents and perform rudimentary research on their PCs would be useful. Yet, I haven’t seen any of this. The first wave of Windows 10 S PCs have released, are predictably US only with the exception of the Surface Laptop...Visit OUR FORUM for more.