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Written by Wayne   
Thursday, 30 November 2017 22:53
Eve V TabletI’m sure you’ve heard about the Eve V tablets, particularly since we also wrote about them a bunch of times. They’re the project of a startup from Finland, that grew in beautiful fashion, thanks in part to the contribution of Chinese aid.China is already a manufacturing giant, without which there would be no iPhone or PlayStation basically. Konstantinos Karatsevidis sat down with Forbes to discuss the ascension of Eve and how he met with Mikko Malhonen in Finland and created this joint venture. They wanted to make a device in China and then sell it to Europeans for a low price, certainly lower than what the stores were offering.
Various options flew around, like robot vacuum cleaners, smartphones and finally, they settled on a tablet. It had to be an iPad rival because the iPads were seen as the best by the youngsters.The pair used savings and bank loans, traveled to Shenzhen in the summer holidays and got the thing going. The tablets were ready in just a few weeks and Eve T1 started selling online for just 149 euros. More details can be found on OUR FORUM.