Edge hacked in first day of Pwn2Own 2018 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Saturday, 17 March 2018 16:56
edge browser pwn2ownMicrosoft plans to force users that use the Windows Mail app to open web links in Edge, but just a day earlier there was a good example of why this was a bad idea, as Edge was one of the first browsers to fall in this year’s Pwn2Own hacker contest. At the 11th annual Pwn2Own contest, being held during the CanSecWest 2018 Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia hacker Richard Zhu managed to pwn Microsoft Edge by using two browser and kernel bugs, winning him $70,000. “In the end, he used two use-after-free (UAF) bugs in the browser and an integer overflow in the kernel to successfully run his code with elevated privileges. The dramatic effort earned him $70,000 and 7 points towards Master of Pwn,” notes ZDI. Zhu had earlier on the same day tried to hack Apple’s Safari browser but failed. Safari did, however, fall later the day to Samuel Groß, who “used a combination of a JIT optimization bug in the browser, a macOS logic bug to escape the sandbox, and finally a kernel overwrite to execute code with a kernel extension to successfully exploit Apple Safari.”
To demonstrate his complete ownage of the operating system he displayed “pwned by saelo =)” in green text on the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, earning him $65,000 and 6 points towards Master of Pwn. As Trend Micro put it, “We never know what will happen when we arrive at the contest. Whether or not Pwn2Own falls near or right after a Microsoft Patch Tuesday, many vendors will make it a point to issue patches ahead of the contest. So, for example, if a contestant happens to be working on a Microsoft vulnerability, their entry could be thwarted by Microsoft’s updates. A couple of the entries that were withdrawn this year fell ‘victim’ to vendors issuing patches.” Learn more on OUR FORUM.