Microsoft to focus on Always Connected Windows 10 PCs in 2018 PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 04 February 2018 18:24
Always Connected Windows 10 PCsBuilding quality hardware in order to make an excellent software or vice versa is of utmost importance for any technology company to survive the cut-throat competition. Microsoft is trying to make a name for itself when it comes to quality hardware. The result so far is kinda mixed, Surface is a Success and Lumia, a failure. Although Microsoft’s phone business was a hell lot of complicated and the reason behind its failure is not so very clear to anyone, except Microsoft. Well, Windows phone is passed, and as far as Microsoft goes, they already made the move towards the next big thing – Always Connected PCs. After the demise of Windows phone, we all know how badly Microsoft is trying to re-enter the mobile market by making Windows 10 more flexible. Windows 10 S was a step towards that and from here things will be released that will complement the idea of a Mobile PC. Microsoft has recently shown some documentation of their future plan with Windows 10 and it looks like they are making baby steps towards ‘Windows everywhere goal.’ Microsoft recent documentation is full of promises and perhaps the time is right to finally talk about something that is not a phone. Check out the rest on OUR FORUM.