Microsoft is building a 'modern' version of Windows 10 for PCs codenamed Polaris PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 25 January 2018 17:58
windows 10 polarisMicrosoft is building a new version of Windows 10, codenamed Polaris, for traditional PC form factors that strips out legacy components in favor of a more modern OS. Last September, I exclusively revealed "Windows Core OS," an internal project at Microsoft that aims to turn Windows 10 into a truly modular OS. This new modular base opens the door to many new configurations of Windows 10, giving Microsoft the flexibility to build new Windows experiences for device form-factors that exist today and, more importantly, will exist in the future. In that article, I mentioned that Microsoft is looking to build a truly modern version of Windows 10 for desktops, codenamed Polaris. Our friends over at Surface-Phone.IT later reported hearing the same. So far, however, I've only really talked in detail about Microsoft's plans for Windows Core OS in the mobile space, which I'm told will be the first Windows Core OS based variant to ship publicly. This new mobile version of Windows 10 is codenamed 'Andromeda OS' and is built from the ground up for dual-screened, foldable, pen first form-factors. Sources say that Microsoft is looking into bringing Win32 app support to Polaris via remote virtualization, kind of like how HP did on the Elite x3, but with containers that make for a more "native" experience. I don't have all the details on this just yet, but I am told that it is something Microsoft is seriously invested in for Polaris as it will allow users to use Win32 programs when required...Yes, we do have more posted on OUR FORUM.