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PS4 Black Friday 2014 Bundle PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Wednesday, 26 November 2014 03:31

PS4 Black Friday 2014 Bundle

When it comes to saving big bucks and bagging great deals, there isn’t a day better than Black Friday. Last year, Sony and Microsoft had just launched their eighth generation video game consoles and there wasn’t much to save on them but this Thanksgiving season, first-party stores as well as several other online retailers are offering some great value-focused bundle deals on the latest consoles. So to save you time and make it easy for you, we have gathered all the PS4 Black Friday deals that you can avail this year. Check them out below. Best time of the year to go out shopping is here, and most of the well-known retailers have already announced their big deals and discounts on the latest technology items including the eighth generation PS4 and Xbox One consoles and the latest video game titles available on the systems. While some deals are already up for grabs, best ones will roll out on the upcoming Black Friday. Unlike last year, this time you will be able to shop great first as well as third-party PS4 console bundles on low rates and get the supported software on discounted prices...This list is complete as of today and could grow before Friday, and we have it posted at windows8newsinfo forum.


Government Spying Bug PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 24 November 2014 14:55

Government Spying Bug

In an interesting turn of events related to cyber security and general internet privacy concerns around the world, researchers have discovered a new, highly sophisticated spying bug. Discovered by Symantec, the bug is said to have been operational for over six years. The bug, being dubbed as Regin has traces of Western origins in its development and has been used in a variety of targets around the world to gather information. Researchers say that once Regin has been installed on your computer, it can capture screenshots, steal login credentials and even recover deleted files. Countries identified as Regin’s targets include Saudi Arabia, Rusia and Ireland and the bug has also been used to monitor private individuals, governments and corporations. The bug is so complicated that it is likely that it took months to develop this piece of software. According to Siam John, a security strategist over at Symantec, Regin “. . .looks like it comes from a Western organisation. It’s the level of skill and expertise, the length of time over which it was developed.” In fact, folks over at Symantec are comparing Regin’s levels of sophistication to the infamous Stuxnet bug discovered recently. Stuxnet was developed by the United States and Israel and its primary purpose was to disable or damage Iran’s nuclear facilities. Regin’s discover raises even more pressing concerns about data privacy and cyber-security in today’s highly advanced technological age. While the advent of technology has changed the average user’s way of living dramatically and mostly for the better, issues such as these once again cause all of us to question how secure our information and data really is today. We’ll keep you updated as this develops...We will continue following this on our forum.


Windows 10 Consumer Preview PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Friday, 21 November 2014 06:48

Windows 10 Consumer Preview

It was announced recently that no more Windows 10 builds would be issued to Windows Insiders this year, and that the program will resume in early 2015. That leaves over a month and a half between now and the next publicly available build, so what can we expect to see in early 2015? Since the launch of the Windows Insider Program, Microsoft has introduced us to a new Start Menu, windowed Modern UI apps and many more awesome desktop-like features. The whole point of the Windows Technical Preview at this stage was to show Enterprises that Windows is still a viable desktop operating system, as well as receive feedback from Windows Insiders regarding the desktop as a whole. Internally, Microsoft is considering this a success. Over 200,000 bits of feedback has been submitted by Windows Insiders, and Enterprises are happy with the direction in which Windows 10 is heading. So what's the next step for Microsoft and its development journey with Windows 10? Consumers. The new year should see Microsoft talking more about the consumer side of Windows 10, and we're expecting to see a consumer-orientated preview which runs on desktops, tablets and phones. Windows Insiders should start receiving new builds in January/February, and these new builds will be packed with new features for every kind of device. Microsoft should introduce Windows Phone 10 too and talk about its many new features. What kind of features are we going to see in the Windows 10 Consumer Preview? Well considering this preview is designed for more than one form factor, we should get to play with Continuum and the brand new Start Screen. In the most recent Windows Technical Preview build, an early version of the Start Screen is enable-able, meaning Microsoft is getting close to releasing it to Windows Insiders officially...You can find out what we learned today by visiting our forum.


Malicious Apps Can Simply Be Copied To Windows Phone PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 20 November 2014 05:53

 Malicious Apps

A new vulnerability on Windows Phone has just been unearthed that allows malicious apps to run with the same permission as the target. Something Microsoft needs to look at right away. Discovered by a XDA-Developers forum member here, this loophole provides users with a ridiculously easy way to replace a legitimate application on Windows Phone with a rogue one — which, interestingly, inherits the same data access permissions. It involves simply transferring the installation data of the malicious app into the program directory of the target, though it involves a few extra steps. The ability to sideload apps is essential for this trick to work. Microsoft, of course, added this ability to load applications from SD cards in Windows Phone 8.1. Anyway, the first step is to create the same manifest for the rogue app as the legitimate one, and then have them installed on the target device. The files are replaced in the program directory, and the original software is swapped with content from the custom package. The developer tested this hack on a Lumia device, and even created a registry tool that allows writing registry values with the inherited permissions. All things considered, the discovery of this loophole could allow cybercriminals to target Windows Phone users with malicious applications. Hopefully Microsoft gets to this first, and releases an update that tightens up security on its mobile platform...Stay abreast on everything that can affect your Windows Installation at windows8newsinfo forum.


Microsoft Releases Emergency Security Update PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 06:35

Microsoft Releases Emergency Security Update

Microsoft today deviated from its regular pattern of releasing security updates on the second Tuesday of each month, pushing out an emergency patch to plug a security hole in all supported versions of Windows. The company urged Windows users to install the update as quickly as possible, noting that miscreants already are exploiting the weaknesses to launch targeted attacks. The update (MS14-068) addresses a bug in a Windows component called Microsoft Windows Kerberos KBC, which handles authenticating Windows PCs on a local network. It is somewhat less of a problem for Windows home users (it is only rated critical for server versions of Windows) but it poses a serious threat to organizations. According to security vendor Shavlik, the flaw allows an attacker to elevate domain user account privileges to those of the domain administrator account. “The attacker could forge a Kerberos Ticket and send that to the Kerberos KDC which claims the user is a domain administrator,” writes Chris Goettl, product manager with Shavlik. “From there the attacker can impersonate any domain accounts, add themselves to any group, install programs, view\change\delete date, or create any new accounts they wish. This could allow the attacker to then compromise any computer in the domain, including domain controllers. If there is a silver lining in this one it is in the fact that the attacker must have a valid domain user account to exploit the vulnerability, but once they have done so, they have the keys to the kingdom.” The patch is one of two that Microsoft had expected to release on Patch Tuesday earlier this month, but unexpectedly pulled at the last moment. “This is pretty severe and definitely explains why Microsoft only delayed the release and did not pull it from the November Patch Tuesday release all together,” Goettl said...Check out windows8newsinfo forum for


Fake Windows 10 Activators PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 06:25

Fake Windows 10 Activators

Windows 10 is in early stages of development, and although release is slated for next year, there is no shortage of fake Windows 10 activators that are littering the web. Hilarious, as the new OS is supposed to come with a new brand new protection scheme, designed to thwart piracy. But that’s not stopping cybercriminals from trying to skim users and make some money off of unsuspecting users. No doubting the fact that the Windows 10 Technical Preview stirred up a lot of interest in the technology community. However, the preview builds also opened up some opportunities. Opportunities for scammers to try and rip off users. A lot of these scams are present on YouTube — they usually demonstrate fake applications that are supposed to activate Windows 10. Quite often these lead users to survey websites that generate money for the cybercriminal. Other times, they deploy malicious files on your computer. Even riskier! Always keep in mind that Windows 10 is free for everyone right now, in this preview stage. The Technical Preview is available for download and installation on as many devices as you want, and there is no activation needed for these early test builds. They do, however, expire on April 15, 2015, but by that time newer versions will be available. Maybe even the final retail copy of the new operating system. Long story short, beware and look out for these fake Windows 10 activators and the associated scams...Follow this and other stories on our forum.


When Microsoft merges Windows and Windows Phone with Windows 10 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Sunday, 16 November 2014 05:46

When Microsoft merges Windows and Windows Phone with Windows 10

Windows has modern theme tools which consist of 2 color choices and a background. Windows Phone lets users pick one color and either black or white. Users can also choose to have their tiles be transparent with a picture behind them. The differences become apparent when using different parts of the operating systems. Windows Phone tends to have a lot of black or white with the occasional color accent. Windows has the primary color choice as the major fill and the secondary color choice as the accent. Windows Phone core apps follow a simple black/white background with the accent coloring some text. Windows takes a different approach to app design. Every app in Windows has its own design. For example, the mail app uses blue and white, people uses orange and white/grey, calendar is purple and white. This is very different from the people, email, and calendar apps on Windows Phone which all have a solid black/white background with the accent color scattered throughout the app sparingly. The difference between these two design choices is not only ascetics. How a user chooses to customize their phone or tablet may have an effect on battery life. Since battery life on phones is so crucial, having a solid black background makes sense to save on battery from screen power. Microsoft even warns users who choose a white background that some displays are not made to be power efficient when running the white.What do you prefer? Would you like to see Windows 10 adopt the Windows Phone single color and black or white, or continue with Windows two color and a pattern choice? When I comes to apps, Windows and Windows Phone differ dramatically. Windows goes for a simple and obvious route of each app is separate, has a specific function, and unique design....For more visit windows8newsinfo forum.
Hint At New Windows 10 Version PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 12 November 2014 05:11

Windows 10

One thing you can be sure of is that Microsoft always aims for a higher build number of Windows 10 to be released for public testing via the Windows Insider Program. As of this writing, the latest version available to users is build 9860, though we have seen signs of build 9880 being prepared. Now, however, a Microsoft employee has accidently dropped hint of another new version of Windows 10. A new version of Windows 10 that the company is testing internally. Details regarding this are obviously vague, but a Microsoft employee posted some information on this on the company’s Community forums revealing that some internal groups are already testing Windows 10 build 9868. Microsoft Community user Don.Frazier, who is also a company employee, asked for some help on the forums as he was unable to update his Windows 10 Technical Preview installation. This could well be the next version of the upcoming OS that gets released this month. However, this much is certain that the software titan is a fair bit ahead in terms of development of Windows 10. We still don’t know which version we’ll get next, but build 9868 is a very good possibility. Every day we learn more and more about new features and future releases about Windows 10...Please continue visiting windows8newsinfo forum for the latest.



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