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The flagship will sell all Surface products, Xbox consoles, and gaming accessories. Microsoft opened a flagship store in Taipei on July 6, showcasing its Surface range and as part of Microsoft's strategy to target Taiwanese consumers, reported CNA. The flagship store will also sell Microsoft's range of gaming products and is the U.S. company's 14th flagship store. The Xinyi District (信義區) store reflects Microsoft's targeting of the Taiwan market and is set to cater to Taiwanese consumers according to Chang Chia-hao (張家豪), a Senior Product Marketing Associate. Microsoft recently expanded its Surface range of personal computers and the flagship will allow these new products to be available to Taiwanese consumers in the shortest possible time, according to Chang. The flagship store will be the platform through which new Microsoft products will be brought to Taiwan, Chang added. Microsoft's Surface range has become popular in Taiwan, with sales increasing by between 10 and 20 percent every year since the product launched five years ago according to Hsueh Wei-hung, deputy head of Microsoft's Consumer Channel Group. Further details are posted on OUR FORUM.