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The seven-year cycle of the Sony PS4 will come to an end next year, which means that the Next-Gen game console is in full development. In the meantime, the Japanese manufacturer has officially announced that the Sony PlayStation 5 will be launched before Christmas 2020. The PS5 is expected to be officially announced in February, during PlayStation Meeting 2020. Update 26/11: Samsung has announced a Solid State Drive (SSD) for PCs and game consoles. Chances are that this NVMe SSD is intended for the PlayStation 5. Possibly the same memory is also used by the developing Microsoft Xbox Two, finally, this game console will also have SSD memory. Update 20/11: The possible introduction date, price, and release date have been leaked. According to the latest information, the PS5 will not be announced in February 2020, but in June during the E3 2020. The game console will receive a prize of $ 499 / € 499 and will be released on November 20, 2020, with a 2TB SSD. It remains to be seen whether Europe will also immediately belong to the first batch. The previous PlayStation game console was first released in America, followed by the European launch two weeks later. If Sony opts for the same strategy this time (which is certainly not inconceivable), this means that in the Netherlands we can also buy the Sony PS5 around the New Year. At least, you can actually buy the new game console. Because with Game Mania you can place a PS5 pre-order since October 2019. If you decide to make a reservation, you must make a deposit of € 50. As soon as the sale price is announced by Sony, this down payment amount will be deducted as a discount, so that you will not have to pay anything extra for your ultimate game system. Regarding the design, with every new generation of PlayStation, it has been decided to totally revise the design. It is expected that the five-generation will get a totally new design. In August 2019, LetsGoDigital was able to discover the design of the Sony PS5 Development Kit, which is used by game developers to develop PS5 games. A Dev Kit usually looks different from the consumer version, so it is still unclear what the PS5 will look like that we can buy in the stores later. Although Sony has not yet released information about the price and design, the manufacturer has already revealed several new features over time. The new PlayStation 5 thus becomes an 8K game console, and it will also be possible to play in 4K @ 60fps. Please visit OUR FORUM for more.