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This review was written after using Android 10 for the past two months, as well as a week of the final release which is much the same as the previous betas. Android 10 is Google’s latest Android software version and is the version of Android that will be on the Pixel 4 when it launches. There aren’t many huge features packed in here as there would be with iOS. This isn’t a knock on Android however, it’s because Google trickles down features to its apps via the Play Store rather than waiting for a single large annual update. With Android 10, Google will also start pushing security updates via the Play Store as well. So enough about what’s not new here, here’s what IS new here. While Android 10 has a bevy of new features, only a few of them are directly relevant or even worth mentioning to new users. The first is the new gestures system, the second is the dark theme, and the last is the new privacy system. Before that, there are a whole bunch of other interesting features Google’s advertised with Android 10. We’ve got Live Caption, a feature that’ll let your phone add captions to whatever audio is playing automatically even if there aren’t any subtitles present. It’s meant to be an accessibility feature and something that’ll improve the quality of life of Android users with hearing difficulties. Google has also announced Focus Mode, a series of features to help users improve their productivity on their phones. Aside from being highlighted on the Android 10 official release, both features have the dubious distinctions of not actually being present in the final release itself almost as if Gooogle couldn’t be bothered to complete its work before releasing the project. And that’s an issue with Android 10 in general that I’ve noticed. Read the review on OUR FORUM.