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Microsoft and Kymeta have teamed up to build “always connected” patrol and tactical vehicles designed to help law enforcement agencies and first responders communicate in the field. Microsoft built a pair of demo Chevy SUVs outfitted with Kymeta’s KyWay satellite terminal — the white panel on top of the car in the photo — as well as integration with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud services, Windows and other hardware and software. The alliance turns these vehicles into data centers on wheels, essentially, able to facilitate communications no matter how remote a location and quickly upload images and video to the cloud. “Microsoft’s Azure cloud-based services can be locally replicated in a deployed environment such as a patrol vehicle, firehouse or command post, and can significantly enhance the capabilities of first responders and defense users, especially when using drones, robots, and IoT devices. Combined with Microsoft Artificial Intelligence tools, this forms the intelligent edge, enabled by Microsoft and Kymeta,” said Scott Montgomery, senior industry solution manager, Microsoft. “This is a huge leap forward provided by the combined Microsoft-Kymeta solution, using Kymeta’s advanced flat-panel satellite antenna technology to enable reliable mobile communications, in a way that has never been done before.” Want more visit OUR FORUM.