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If you using a Roaming User Profile and customize your Windows 10 Start Menu, any changes will be reset after upgrading to a newer version of Windows 10. Windows creates a profile for every user, which contains the changes made by the logged in user to the Windows configuration or application settings. These user profiles are normally stored on the local computer, but domain admins can configure users so that their profiles are instead stored on a network share as a Roaming User Profile. This allows users to configure the appearance of Windows or make changes to a program's configuration and have those same settings available on any other computer they log into on the same domain. In a support article, Microsoft has stated that users using a Roaming User Profile and who customize the appearance of the Start Menu will have those changes reset after upgrading to a new version of Windows 10. According to Microsoft, you can fix this issue by installing the latest cumulative update for Windows and performing the following a few easy steps. Microsoft notes that this fix will only work if the Start Menu customizations that are stored locally and have not been deleted due to a group policy configured by an administrator. "This will only work if a user’s profile with start menu customization is available locally.  If the profile was deleted due to a group policy, creating a new roaming profile will not help.​" We have the workaround posted on OUR FORUM.