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2018 was a ground-breaking year for Microsoft, with the company managing to regain the respect of the IT industry and ending the year figuratively on the top of the world. In terms of execution, Microsoft’s Surface products have done really well and have been called better than Apple’s PCs by numerous reviewers, and even their low-end Surface Go tablet was named better than the iPad Pro by many.  Their mobile apps have gone from strength to strength, seeing very rapid development and maintaining good review scores, and we have seen Microsoft increasingly weaving a credible cross-platform story. Microsoft’s enterprise subscription services are increasingly being seen as the default choice for customers, and even Microsoft Teams managed to unseat Slack, while their Azure cloud products have taken share from Amazon by offering developers whatever they want in a reliable and affordable package. While their Windows 10 update efforts have seen multiple stumbles, Microsoft appears to have been chastened by this and are now a much more cautious company. With such a strong 2018, here’s what to expect from Microsoft in 2019 and we have it posted on OUR FORUM.