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Extortion emails are getting wilder and wilder. First, we had sextortion scams that threatened to reveal victims doing dirty deeds on video, then bomb threats, which brought the worldwide attention of law enforcement, and now we have threats that a hitman is targeting the recipient unless they pay $4,000 in bitcoin. These emails started appearing this week and have a subject line similar to "Pretty significant material for you right here 17.12.2018 08:33:00". The content of the emails are written in poor English and grammar and state that the sender is the owner of a Dark Web site that offers different kinds of services for a fee. The email goes on to say that someone came to the site to hire a hitman to target the recipient for an "instant and pain-free" execution. The owner of the site, though, is willing to call the hitman off if they receive $4,000 in bitcoin. As an extra bonus, they will also "remove the hitman". The enclosed bitcoin address has not received any ransom payment and will most likely not due to its poor execution and threat of physical harm. If anything, similar to the bomb threats, these will just be reported to law enforcement. Once again, if you receive an email like the one above, this is a scam and you are not being targeted by a hitman. Instead you are being targeted by an extortionist who is looking to make a quick buck by trying to scare the living daylights out of you. For more follow the provided link.